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Farm Job

For some, the farm may be the most peaceful place to practice a trade or occupation in. Here, one gets to witness and help propagate nature's bounty for human consumption. However, despite being close to nature, the farm also has its own share of challenges and stressful activities. A variety of farm job openings are available for agriculture buffs who like to earn a good living toiling the soil.

Farm job openings in agriculture

One can get a farm job specializing in agriculture or the production of animal and plant products for consumption. A farm job as a poultry farmer can have one taking care not just of a couple of nests but a whole coop of hens. This farm job is involved in the harvest of the eggs and also of chicken for the meat. Farmland owners can also post farm job openings for help in the plowing and preparation of fields for planting crops.

Farm job openings in horticulture

A farm job in horticulture means taking care of the food and plant crop produce of the farm one is working in. Some farms employ farmhands in horticulture farm jobs to propagate the growth of certain crops such as wheat, barley, corn and others. Because plants and food crops need some time to grow, people in farm job positions take care of these crops until harvest time. Harvest time also gives more people opportunities to be employed in farm job positions. Depending on the kind of crop to be harvested, people in farm job positions make use of different methods and tools to harvest and reap what has been sown. Other farm job positions specialise in the areas of floriculture or tending to flower crops, pomology or the production of fruits and post-harvest physiology or the maintenance of food crops.

Farm job openings in livestock

Farm job openings are also available in the livestock department. Though the raising of fowl is a common farm job, there are other types of livestock that are also handled by farm hands. A farm job position handling swine or pigs is one great job that entails one to ensure the health, safety and cleanliness of these animals. A farm job as a sheep herder may seem idyllic but it also proves to be a challenging task in certain conditions (such as when a lamb gets carried away by a wolf). A jillaroo or a jackaroo is also a farm job position that entails the person to undergo training on how to work with livestock.